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Friday, February 22, 2013

Do You Know Enough About Child Support?

By Nadia Rumore

An obligation to pay child support automatically arises once parents are residing in different homes. The monies paid by one parent to the other is intended to assist with the child(ren)'s care and maintenance. Child support is not a right of the parent, but is instead a right of the child.

The Child Support Guidelines under both the Divorce Act and The Family Maintenance Act govern the amount of child support that is payable. The base amount of child support is usually determined by the gross income of the payor when a child lives with one parent primarily, but different time-sharing regimes can suggest a different formula for calculating support.

The Guidelines also allow for the sharing of some additional expenses over and above the base amount to be paid. Some of these additional expenses include costs related to childcare, medical check-ups and procedures, and extracurricular activities of the child.

Child support does not necessarily end at the age of 18 for the child. Support may continue in several circumstances, the most common of which relates to the child attending post-secondary education. The entitlement and amount of child support to be paid after the age of 18 rests on many factors.

The law on child support is continuously evolving, and it is important for people to understand their rights and/or obligations in respect of this area of law.

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